GDM - Global Document Management

  • Document handling
    GDM: document management, contract registry, inventory management, and case management system

GDM is a fully comprehensive and integrated document management, contract registry, inventory management, and case management system. GDM is the productive, cost-effective way to scan, organize, find, and share all of your paper documents, files, and images. Using GDM all the documents are organized into cases, and moved between the users only in digital format. GDM handles the access rights, the workflow, and the deadlines; warns the responsible users before a case, task or contract expires.

Quality Assurence Certificate: in 2013 GDM were Certified. According to the result of the certification procedure, the system extendedly complies with the requirements of the document management software products.


·  Cases in GDM move between the users only in digital format, you don’t have to deal with the original printed files. The original documents can’t be vanished or damaged.

·  You can register your email, or intranet messages, so they can be traced, and connected to the cases.

·  There’s no delay, GDM’s integrated deadline watchdog system warns you to the next term; like expiration of a contract.

·  All the user activity is logged, you can query their efficiency. You can query also by the termins of the cases, for example: which cases are in detention.

·  You can follow up the cases, the termins, the related invoices, and other data. GDM can be integrated with your current business applications.

·  GDM prints automatically barcodes to your documents. GDM’s batch scanning application connects the documents automatically to the cases, events, or partners by the barcode.

·  GDM contains a document storage, where you can search and access all your important documents through a web-browser interface. GDM’s web interface can be integrated into your own intranet system.