Globalspeech General Medical Speech Recognition

We proudly present our brand new  and long-awaited General Medical Speech Recognition software.

This module covers all the vocabulary needed to produce professional material, text, diagnostic, journaling, or other reports in a hospital, clinical, specialist, or other health care facility in written form and to recognize them from live speech.

The general health module also provides a gateway to use each of the reduced professional dictionaries, so if a particular doctor has such a license in a particular institution, he or she can use it in other departments as well (e.g., cardiology and surgery diary).

  • It covers the professional vocabulary of different healthcare fields
  • Provides flexible workflows by producing documentation from live speech
  • Saves time for both doctors and assistants, freeing up resources and speeding up patient care
  • It is already integrated or can be integrated into medical information systems
  • Continuously learning system that becomes more accurate as you use it