PACS Viewer

  • Speech Recognition at up to 98% accuracy
    CT, MRI, X-ray, ultrasonic and other reports can be ready immediately in written form

eRAD PACS Evolution is the next-generation solution for radiology imaging workflow. Leveraging two decades of leadership in imaging, we’ve built our latest platform from the ground up to deliver a new level of productivity. Gain greater speed and performance along with the reliability our customers trust. Evolution streamlines modern imaging.

With a flexible infrastructure, enhanced data security, advanced web technology, and an intuitive GUI, eRAD PACS Evolution brings an improved viewing experience to PACS users. It delivers a modern interface, new 64-bit diagnostic viewer and server, and advanced visualization tools. Advanced workflow features—such as user-to-user messaging and tools for high-volume mammography reading—align with enhanced configurability across the board. Clients can opt to deploy Evolution on the cloud or on an in-house infrastructure. Users get a powerful, adaptable foundation for their practice workflow along with unparalleled performance.


  • 3D Volume Rendering

With support for Direct Volume Rendering, Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP), and Raysum Average Projection modes, Evolution’s 3D Volume Rendering enables creation of reconstructed images on-the-fly. The cost and disruption of routing to a lab or specialized workstation is eliminated. Gain greater clinical quality by correlating 3D volumes with 2D series to identify the same point in all orthogonal images. Easily manage larger studies with slab scrolling.

  • Streamlined user tools

Along with a modernized interface, Evolution promotes an intuitive user experience with a configurable dashboard that includes user-to-user messaging, system statistics, report summaries, and shortcuts to custom worklists.

  • Enhanced viewing

A multi-monitor, 64-bit diagnostic viewer includes customizable macros and configurable tools, menus, and hotkeys. Add multi-planar reconstruction, edge enhancement, image fusion for PET/CT studies, image stitching, and mask subtraction for greater viewing power.

  • Advanced mammography features

Evolution provides enhanced mammography hanging protocols and support for breast tomosynthesis and CAD.

  • Simplified integration

The Evolution platform supports vendor-neutral archiving (VNA) to make data available quickly, without expensive migrations and downtime. Evolution supports integration with multiple systems —such as third-party dashboards, EMRs, portals, and order entry systems. Support for DICOM, HL7, a web services (HTTP) API, WMI interface, and XML Control File interface makes interoperability easy and straightforward.