Legal Speech Recognition

Increased productivity
Using Globalspeech enables end users to create documents more efifciently by offering the possibility to dictate directly into templates, using Auto-texts, i-felds and commands. Globalspeech increases the productivity of work, which results in reduced backlogs and faster turnaround time. Accurate information is available on time, making it possible for layers, judges prosecutors to increase quality of work.

GlobalSpeech automatically and continuously adapts to the way you dictate based on your final document.

  • Smart: It leaves out the ‘um’s and ‘eh’s, ignores dialogue that is not part of the dictation, implements corrections that are dictated as part of the text, fills the information into forms, and even rephrases sentences.
  • Accurate: Accurate information is making it possible for doctors to increase quality of care
  • Flexibil: You can change the way of working anytime. In hospital, at home anywhere you want

Profitable: Speech recognition implementations are described as very profitable IT projects, allowing an increase in productivity by speeding up turnaround time and allowing the reallocation of the budget money saved.