Patology Speech Recognition

  • Medical Speech Recognition
    Speech Recognition at up to 98% accuracy

We understand how much your work and patient safety depend on accurate information, we always strive to find ways to facilitate every type of reporting use case. GlobalSpeech incorporates various modules, all of which relfect our sole motivation and goal: providing you with professional speech recognition technology that speeds up your medical reporting while offering high flexibility to customise it to your individual needs.

  • Eliminate turnaround time: Speech recognition is a fast and convenient method to create medical documentation and input information into electronic medical records. Reports can be validated by the author instantly at the point of dictation.
  • Medical formatting: GlobalSpeech transcribes dosages, measurements, etc. into a standardized format; GlobalSpeech ensures full compliance to medical standards.

Integrated: GlobalSpeech is seamlessly integrated into information systems (IS) or reporting solutions, enabling the enduser to efficiently capture information within their familiar working environment.