Radiology Speech Recognition

  • Medical Speech Recognition
    Speech Recognition at up to 98% accuracy

GlobalSpeech is an information capturing platform which enables healthcare IT system providers to deliver seamlessly integrated digital dictation and speech recognition capabilities to hospitals, clinics, transcription companies and group practices.

  • Modality: Ultrasound , X- Ray, CT, MR, angio, DSA, izotop and  PET CT
  • Increased productivity :Using Globalspeech is the possibility to dictate directly into templates, using Auto-texts, i-felds and commands
  • Medical formatting: GlobalSpeech transcribes dosages, measurements, etc. into a standardized format; GlobalSpeech ensures full compliance to medical standards.
  • Accurate: Accurate information is making it possible for doctors to increase quality of care
  • Flexibil: You can change the way of working anytime. In hospital, at home anywhere you want
  • Integrated: GlobalSpeech is seamlessly integrated into information systems (IS) or reporting solutions, enabling the enduser to efficiently capture information within their familiar working environment.