Universal Speech Recognition

  1. Globalspeech Minutes voice-independent speech descriptor software

Our long-awaited, speech-independent new conference descriptor software has been completed, in which our live speech recognition dictionary can be individually expanded with any professional vocabulary! Globalspeech Minutes enhances the efficiency of discussions and negotiations, thereby supporting more efficient resource management.

  • fast: preparing a summary of board meetings, minutes, negotiations
  • accurate: up to 90% speech recognition rate
  • effective: free up resources, more efficient coordination and distribution of tasks
  • flexible: at office, at home or even on holiday
  • sound-independent: distinguishes and separates speaking voices

The Globalspeech Minutes software is suitable for preparing written documents for discussions and negotiations. eg:

    • documents of municipal council meetings
    • police records
    • records of prosecution material
    • documents for court hearings
    • witness hearing protocols