6 reasons for choosing SpotView

Barco has a range of clinical tools that helps radiologists work smarter. SpotViewTM is one of the most impactful tools in the bunch. It boosts luminance in a region of interest to increase visibility of small details and speed up workflow. If you haven’t tried it yet, here’s why you should:

1. Simple to use

You can activate SpotView with a simple keystroke, customizable and programmable to any input device, for seamless integration into your workflow.

SpotView keys

2. Analysis made easy

SpotView provides multiple shapes for image analysis and comparison. The spot can be magnified by 2x to unveil the tiniest details. The other modes are ideal for image review and segmentation.


3. Lowers radiation dose

Because SpotView boosts luminance and enhances contrast in a unique way, it may be possible to reduce mammographic dose significantly without impacting diagnostic accuracy.


4. Increases reading accuracy

A recent study reveals that radiologists can increase their reading accuracy by 6% when using SpotView.1 When screening for hard to find cancers, this really makes a difference.


5. Reduces reading time

With SpotView, radiologists can reduce the time spent on reading exams by no less than 16%.1 This means that they can read more exams each day.


6. Recommended by peers

Many doctors and industry experts recommend SpotView. Here’s what they say:


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